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Stuck by the side of the road, car will not start , a ticket for non functional lamps and the worst scenario a large repair bill. Most of these conditions are preventable by using a maintenance program. Changing your fluids will help prevent transmission failure, brake failure. Just getting a routine inspection on a regular basis is the perfect preventable maintenance program. The manufacturers of your vehicle have a maintenance schedule for your vehicle that comes with your owners manual, following that schedule and getting that routine check will allow you to have a car that is safe and performs properly when needed.

Repair Services

Complete Automotive Repair - From A To Z. Midwest Motors Service offers repairs for all of your vehicle repair needs. Let our ASE certified technicians give your car a complete inspection and start you on a maintenance schedule tailored to your vehicle and driving style. If you need a repair we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a complete estimate. No work is done at Midwest Motors without a customer consultation.

Brake Fluid Flush

One of the most overlooked services in the history of maintenance. Brake fluid is hydroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture. Dot rated brake fluid boils at about 400 degrees, just 18 months after new brake fluid can contain up to 2 % moisture and the boiling point can drop almost 100 degrees. Almost all manufacturers recommend brake fluid flushing service.

Transmission Service

The old way of changing your transmission fluid was to remove the pan and replace the filter, pretty much just removing the fluid found in the bottom of the pan, on most cars changing possibly four quarts of transmission fluid. Why mix old fluid with new, what if your transmission does not have a pan. Enter the age of new technology, using a machine to exchange all the fluid in your vehicle at once. You will be astounded by the difference in the way your transmission shifts after the service. Call now for a appointment.

Service Warranty Options

Do you have a extended warranty?

We service nearly all extended warranty contracts.

Extended warranties can save you money on repairs by extending the warranty of your vehicle. When you arrive at Midwest Motors Service let our advisors know you have a extended warranty. We will contact the warranty company directly and handle the paper work necessary to get your car back in the minimum amount of time. We will always make sure that your vehicle in repaired to the highest standards. Call today for a appointment.

Computer Flash & Upgrades

Just like your home computer your vehicle needs software upgrades. As your car ages the software designed for a new vehicle will require modifications, sometimes it is a error in programming that shows up after a period of time across that model. Mostly it is wear and tear and the manufacturers respond with updated software to keep your vehicle running at its best.

At Midwest Motors Service we have the technology and expertise to reflash and upgrade your software from engine to Bluetooth. We do it all.

Specialized in the Auto Industry

To provide the best service possible on your vehicle, MMIService requires that every technical employee attend continuing education classes every year. This makes sure we are on top of new technology and are able to service your vehicle properly the first time. Testing of our technicians is performed by the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (ASE). This assures you and our company that MMIService technicians are the best.

The parts that we use to repair your vehicle are an important part of how the repair job we provide will perform and last. All of our repairs come with a minimum 12 month, 12 thousand mile warranty. Some of the parts we install have a lifetime warranty. In order to attain the longest possible life expectancy out of repair parts, MMIService only uses parts that meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications.

With so many different vehicles on the road today our staff needs the tools and equipment to service virtually any vehicle correctly the first time. It is a challenge that many independent shops today are struggling with. At MMIService we are committed to being at the cutting edge of all your vehicle needs.

Our Mission

Customer Service! Two words that express what we are all about. A short but to the point mission statement. Customer service goes beyond just helping when there is a problem. Customer service is every aspect of our business - being fair and honest, having good communication skills, using the finest parts and the best technicians, keeping ourselves trained to service your vehicle into the future. All these things help to make your visit a pleasure. We encourage our customers to ask questions and stay on the informed side of their vehicles repair. Customer Service, it is what Midwest Motors Service is all about.

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