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Today, every car has a computer. Just a few decades ago we would never have dreamed of such things. Today, we have everything from computers in cars, pre-programmed settings, and even cars that talk to you. Computers have done wonderful things for the automotive industry, better fuel economy, reduced emissions, entertainment and interior upgrades. The only drawback is keeping up with electronics. Now, thanks to Midwest Motors' expert service staff, you don't have to.

At Midwest Motors Service, we love electronics. We have the latest factory and aftermarket scanning tools available. We also have the best ASE training available to us. We have the best technicians and we're capable of working on any car today. We are able to repair electronic equipment like navigation and Bluetooth where other shops can and will struggle. If you're having issues with your electronics, give us a call at (847) 847-1111 today and we'll set you up with one of our expert Service Technicians.


Most everyone by now has seen "that" dreaded yellowish-orange lamp light up on their dash. But, "Service Soon," "Check Engine," what does it truly mean to you? On the average late model car, whether it's a domestic or foreign exotic, there could be upwards of 1,000 codes that can occur just in your engine and transmission computers. That's why you need our help to decipher the Check Engine light.

What if, "My lamp is on but my car runs just fine?" Any time your check engine lamp comes on, it indicates a failure somewhere in your car's emission system. But, just because your car runs OK, it does not mean necessarily mean that damage cannot occur. It is always wise to have the car scanned and determine the failure. Even a gas cap left loose, it will turn on the lamp - that's how sensitive today's cars, trucks and SUVs have become and that's why preventive maintenance is key

At Midwest Motors, we have the technology and knowledge to inspect and repair any check engine lamp issues. Call today to make an appointment.


We love gadgets. At Midwest Motors Service, we offer a variety of aftermarket electronic goodies. From the standard remote start to backup cameras, damage avoidance systems, custom entertainment systems, custom lighting, heated seats. We do it all. Whether you've got a Ford Mustang, Corvette, Ferrari, BMW, McLaren, or anything in between, if you can dream it, we can install it for you. Just call (847) 847-1111 for more information about our aftermarket electronic services. We can install any system on any car, whether your car is 50 years old, or fresh off the showroom floor.

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